I don’t know what it is about performance and sports that I love. I just do. Every sport that I see I am fascinated by the work that goes on behind the scenes, the hard training, the analysis, the equipment and the tactics. It has all become my life’s passion.

It all started as a 6 year old kid of course, playing local Rugby League, then soccer and finally with Endurance Sports for the last almost 30 years.

My coaching experience started 15 years ago and now sees me as a full-time professional coach with athletes all around the world.

What I have learnt about sport over all these years is that we can all achieve much more than we might think if we have the right strategies and support.

This blog contains a lot about what I have learnt. It’s meant to become part of my legacy and a great way to not only store my thoughts, but to also challenge myself to innovate and come up with new ideas.

If you are looking for me and where I work, I am over at www.highperformancetri.com. This is where Mick and I do all our coaching, in a company we co-founded in 2005.