Category: Human Performance

I’m listening

Load management is one of the key areas of training. No doubt about it. If we don’t get that right there’s a lot that can go wrong. I thought it would be good to have a chat about where I go with that. Right at the start in the title I said that I’m listening….

Precursors to Performance

As a coach, you sometimes wonder if your direction and recommendations are being listened to. Do the usual messages of consistency and training with intent, resting, recovering, eating well start to sound trite almost? It’s not matter we take lightly. Delivering a message after all needs to be meaningful and hopefully held in good regard….

Mental Skills

Mental skills – what a topic hey. I’ve grappled with this one for over 2 months – the importance of this topic just demanded a lot of thought. It also demands a lot of personal opinion. Something I am not always comfortable with. I dislike the concept of trying to sound like a guru. In…

Deliberate Practice

I run a lot of sessions as a coach and deliver many more for you to get done away from the coaches eye. I believe this could be one of the most important pieces of advice i have given for a while and believe that its critical to your success as an athlete. Get this…

“Managing” the heat

From a weather perspective this summer has been a challenging one. Heat and humidity really sucks it out of you at times and I have had to adjust intensity expectations more than a few times. We can drink all the electrolytes in the world and physically adjust, but in the end, the oppressive environmental factors…