March 25, 2017

Spent a good 32+ hours to get across the other side of the world and land ourselves in Madrid, Spain. Worth it? Hell yeah !

Landed at around 4:30pm, about 4 hours late due to various weather events, including a thunderstorm in Dubai. I didn’t know it even rained there. Obviously I am wrong ! Old mate taxi driver took us to out hotel for the set 30 euro fare and must have been channeling his inner F1 Grand Prix driver. Anyway – we made it in one piece and fell on the bed after a quick shower.

Went outside for a bite to eat and it appears half of Madrid was out. We’re staying right in the theatre area here. 1000’s out and about enjoying the nightlife. We decided on a fairly simple pizza for dinner and went home for a real sleep….. zzzzz

unti tomorrow !