The Formula 1 Performance Model

Iso Netflix. It’s a thing. I’m more of a documentary kinda guy. Less fiction – more non-fiction. Yeah – I’m boring.

So anyway, this took me to the series “Formula 1”. This series is not just about the races. In fact, it had very little to do with the races. This show is more about the story behind the racing. That’s what presses a coach’s buttons. Learning about people and how they manage themselves in a high performance environment.

So I’m watching this show and on comes some footage of the car back at the team headquarters. Lots of people around the car. Some working on the engine. Some working on brakes. Some sitting at computers looking at data. Then there was the driver. In deep conversation with the team leader. He was giving feedback on what he wants and what he likes.

It was a fascinating picture. A team at work. All with the goal of building a car that a) goes very fast, b) does that using the least amount of fuel possible , and c) doesn’t break down under the stress of practice and racing.

Sound familiar ?

When you look at the photo of this workshop scene you will notice a couple of things. This is a high performance environment. Everything is done to the absolute best standards in the world and there’s a large team around the car who all have a role to play working together with the one common goal. Success.

I find this very useful as a coach. It provides a very visual representation of how we can view our work.

So looking at endurance sport we have something VERY similar to the Formula 1 team analogy.

We want to a) have a very fast athlete , b) that uses fuel very efficiently, and c) doesn’t break down under pressure and load.

Take-away for you?

Becoming your best is similar to every high performance environment you can see. There are many parts to success.