I’m listening

Load management is one of the key areas of training. No doubt about it. If we don’t get that right there’s a lot that can go wrong. I thought it would be good to have a chat about where I go with that.

Right at the start in the title I said that I’m listening. I say that because it’s the key to managing training load. Listening. I listen to training files (yes they speak to me), I listen to what you are saying, I listen to what you are doing, I listen everywhere. Because it’s mostly behaviour that speaks the loudest.

I note where it is in the week that you are at your best. I note where you have the most trouble. Some athletes are shithouse at Monday’s and Tuesday’s. Some are great at those days. Some push sessions forward. Some pull them in early so it takes pressure off later in the week. This is very individual and not a weakness. It’s your personal fingerprint. The way you roll.

I watch what happens on a day off. If you are keen to do a extra session it means I have your load about right. If you can’t wait to get that sleep in I might track fatigue and have to adjust.

I listen to you as you are coming closer to a race. Some athletes just haven’t quite got that confidence in themselves that I have in them and look to reassure themselves at race pace or race distance. A lot of coaches say that’s bad. I don’t. All I say is I’m listening. And what I’m hearing is you need more confidence. So I adjust.

I listen to your health and what it’s saying. If you are getting viruses it’s saying load might be too much. If you are getting niggles it’s telling me we need to strengthen the area.

I listen to what you are noticing. I listen to what you like. I listen to what you don’t like.

So you can see that I can’t really rely on what you are saying As much as what you are doing. Because emotion is masking stuff when it comes to words. The behaviours are where it’s at and where I have to listen the most. By listening to what you do I can constantly adjust on a week to week overall planning basis. If I can see your personal fingerprint I can work with it and guide you in the right direction. Then I can follow that up and prepare you accordingly.