Beginner Long Course Thoughts

Time to pen a few of my thoughts and experiences about coaching athletes to their first long course race. It’s important to remember that the numbers are very much a guide – individuals vary of course, but mainly about where they are starting from. 70.3 training volume goal at the end of the build =…

Yes Dad

Yes Dad …. This saying is at the core of any childhood. Okay and maybe it’s a yes Mum as well. You’ve been asked to do a chore and well yeah it’s probably not going to get done is it. Daily in my coaching environment I get the yes Dad. That look of yeah I’m…

Process Goals

Just had a good chat with an athlete around this. Worth putting up. The majority of goals we set are outcome goals. Natural tendency this one as we don’t sit there and dream of “neg splits” or “holding cadence”. We dream of our outcomes.   The way towards those outcomes but is identify what it…

I’m listening

Load management is one of the key areas of training. No doubt about it. If we don’t get that right there’s a lot that can go wrong. I thought it would be good to have a chat about where I go with that. Right at the start in the title I said that I’m listening….

Precursors to Performance

As a coach, you sometimes wonder if your direction and recommendations are being listened to. Do the usual messages of consistency and training with intent, resting, recovering, eating well start to sound trite almost? It’s not matter we take lightly. Delivering a message after all needs to be meaningful and hopefully held in good regard….