Race Craft

It’s not what you think it is.
With a couple of races coming up for the team this weekend its a good opportunity to think about that specific challenge. The mind is probably now on what your current threshold pace is and how you might pace it. The usual things come up in your mind. Hold back early, dont go too hard, remember to have great form under fatigue.
Trouble is that the biggest race is going on inside your head. Thats where the race is run. You dare to dream and then quickly reassess the situation. You rationalise your current context. Recovering form last race, building up training, life’s been busy. All of which sound reasonable. You have already started the fight.
They say that when you feel like you are at your perceived limit, that you aren’t anywhere near your potential within. I can hear you saying it now. Probably nodding you head even. But where you are now is good enough. You love what you do and its all about fun. Sure it’s all about fun… but there’s more fun to be had if we let it in.
Shut down your perceptions. The real race is within yourself. Fight it, every time it gives you an excuse, ask it for proof. Keep doing that. 3, 4 , 8 times even. Create doubt about the story you are setting up.
Yesterday Thomas Leuchten did his 5k TT in Munich. Current time was mid 18’s and he started the internal conversation. What he did next was what we want. He stopped the conversation and took it out harder than he previously thought possible. He went through all the usual highs and lows but stuck to his guns and just tried to hold his forward lean for as long as possible. And then just drove it home with whatever he had left. End result was his first time under 18.
Remember the 4minute mile story. Nobody could break it. Until Roger Bannister did and created an avalanche.
The only thing you should doubt, is doubt itself.
Race with courage !