Some thoughts on improvement

Great chat today with an athlete. Lots of discussion points but some really good ones came out of it. Thought I would highlight a couple.
The program is the start of a conversation. It gives us a framework to guide us with volume , intensity and overall load distribution. What a program can’t do is the X factor of the athlete pushing for improvements. That’s the athlete side of the equation and what I seek in our work together.
If you want to get better at a certain discipline then we might have to slip outside the normal. I spoke with Brendan Sexton once about his swim. He was in trouble as he fought to get on the Olympic Team. What he did was work on his approach to it. He ended up doing 8-10 sessions a week. Not 8-10 x 4 or 5k but sometimes he would literally just call in at the beach on the way to his run track session and sneak in 20min in the waves. This increased his frequency and feel for the water. He thought like a swimmer rather than a triathlete trying to swim well. End result was he made the Olympic team for London 2012. It’s this lateral thinking that can sometimes get us unstuck from a set point.