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Dolphin Dive Drill

VIDEO: I am a big fan of this drill just for general “feel” for the water. It does mimicking the action that’s done entering the water at the start of a race (beach start) , but I think it really helps more with relaxation and feel for the water.    

Single Arm – Breath Same Side Drill

VIDEO: This drill isolates the stroke to one arm so you can focus on all aspects of the stroke. it’s a great drill to do if you have issues with high elbow coach and pull. Use fins so you don’t have to worry about body position.

Pull Buoy and Paddles

Last night I pointed out to a couple of athletes how the paddles helped their technique. This was, I believe, due to the resistance they provide allowing the athlete to “grab the water” a bit better. An important piece of the puzzle especially at the end of the set when the hands tend to go wider than they…