The First Thought

It all starts with the first thought. It has magical properties. It’s the core ingredient in the cake. 

When you are about to set out on an endeavour you get one there. That one is usually based around I think I might do this.

When you are I need the middle of your endeavour it’s usually based around is this worth it?

Its the first thought each day that sets up the internal conversation. If it’s based from fear it will be a flight or fight answer. If it’s based from gratitude you can only win. If it’s based on calm confidence it’s probably just right.

Sometimes but we can’t control the first thought. That’s the issue. We wake up and the thought can just head to fear all on it’s own. So then make the second thought yours to own.

Waking up in fear ? Next thought should be calm and based in your breath. Make it yours.

This is your chance to set it up. Make it a good one.