It didn’t matter where I looked, all I saw was advice. Advice on how to pivot, how to do yoga at home, how to get a routine, how to blah blah blah. It did my freaking head in. I honestly couldn’t just see anything that barely resembled life as we knew it.

The vultures had moved in but I couldn’t blame them. A lot of people lost their livelihoods. Businesses closed up their doors overnight. People have to make a living. As they say …. “don’t hate the player … hate the game”.

. . .

I’m trying to do 4 things. Simple and, as it turns out, effective. 

1. Stay normal. It’s an environment that isn’t normal, but we have to remain as calm and as normal as possible. I believe people are doing that actually. People are at home with their families, Home-schooling, working from home, going for walks, cooking our own meals. Feels like it should.

2. Do my job to the absolute best of my ability. Every part of it. Planning, programming, communicating, supporting. All I can do is my absolute best, and now more than ever is the time to do that.

3. Be as healthy as possible. Exercise every day. Eat as good as possible. Have a glass of wine before dinner with the family. Try to balance work and life.

4. Day at a time. This is the number 1 rule actually. The mind can run riot if we let it. I’m doing what I usually do. Plan 3 months at a time but act very much in the day.

Take care of yourself and those around you. Reach out if you need support. Just do your best. That’s all the world can ask.