The Perfect Race

Well organised pre race.

Knew the course.

Arrived at race site on time and prepared transition with plenty of time.

Knew pacing and nutrition plan (tested in training).

Was Relaxed and put wetsuit on early to settle into it.

Was ready to race with a positive mindset focussed on my race processes.

Got good positioning at swim start.

Held T3 in swim and chased feet to sit on.

Stayed straight in swim – sighted well.

Transition was good. Knew where bike was. Got settled early. 

Held good aerodynamic position.

Worked past the packs well surging past them then dropping to goal pace.

Controlled emotions well when athletes dropped in on me and I had to drop back.

Stayed with nutrition and hydration plan.

Spun the legs out last couple of km before transition.

Held decent pace as I moved into and through T2.

Held a smart pace out of T2 and controlled heart rate.

Positive self talk got the mind wrapped around the job ahead.

Limited negative self talk by holding even emotions.

Spoke to myself positively about staying tough.

Broke the run into chunks and stayed in the moment.

Prepared well for the 10-15km block. “Didn’t give up”.

Last 5km held form well. No surges – just held form under fatigue.

Found teammates and had a quick coach chat.

Ate some salty carbs and got plenty of hydration in 😉