The Race Plan

The Race Plan

1. What outcomes are you looking for come race day ?

2. When will you be travelling to the race and what time to you plan to arrive on race day? 

3. What time is your race start ? 

4. What is your warm up plan ? 

5. What is your race nutrition plan ? 

6. What is your race pacing plan ? 

7. What is your strategy for mechanical mishap on the bike such as a flat tyre ?

8. What will be your pre-race dinner the night before ?

9. What will be your pre-race breakfast the morning of the race? 

10. What will you take to the race for post race re-fuelling ?

11. What equipment will you be using on the day? Is it prepared and ready to go? Have you checked it since last time you used it? 

12. What is the predicted weather on race day?

13. Have you studied the course maps?