Train Hard – Race Easy

Lots of talk after the weekend of racing about how quick the racing is getting. Yep. The world isn’t slowing down that’s for sure.

The one thing we all have in common no matter where we are in the field is that we all want to be faster. No matter who we are or what challenges we face. No matter what place racing and training takes on our life. We all want to be faster.

Seems like a never ending chase. You get fast hoping the others won’t …… but it doesn’t work that way.

The main thing to remember here is that we aren’t setting the standard. The rest of the world is. The rest of the world is running from their old average to a new average. Just like you and me.

Your obstacle is the mind.

Even though this sport on the surface is a physical endeavour somewhat constrained by our raw physiology you would have to be downright mad to not respect the fact that the mind plays a massive part in the process.

I’m not just talking race day toughness when all you want to do is walk but your winning mindset on the daily grind.

Your self expectations are probably the thing that is holding you back even when all good sense says “but that’s as fast as I can go”

Well yes that how fast you can go for sure ….. now.  But what if you set higher expectations on yourself to reach higher.

One of the most common things we see in high performers is they are always wanting to do more. Great footballers arrive early to practice goal kicking. They stay late and stretch. They are pretty crazy to be honest. And that’s what sets them apart.

No different in endurance sport. The athletes that achieve are always pushing me to do more. It’s a little game we play. They want more. I hold back a little. Then we move forward again. New levels set.

It all comes down to setting new levels. Not crazy stupid moves from 8 hours a week to 20. But new little expectations like going from 1:25 per 100 at threshold to 1:23. It’s those little expectations that set you up to win.

Set up little goals and expectations for yourself that seem a bit out of reach. Then move into discomfort. I always say that your program will take you 95% of the way. You push it that little extra 5% to get the best out of yourself. I’m not talking volume here. I’m talking intent and attitude.

As we move into spring and then summer based off a solid winter we can move upward. This is done with gradual overload and progression. Inch yourself towards being quicker in the quick stuff. Set small goals and achieve them. Then use that momentum to push forward again and again. Pretty soon you’ll be quicker than you thought was possible.