Your Individual Race Experience

I went to a race this weekend. It was a big one for the team with a lot of the squad doing it together. The team aspect of an individual sport is something that surprises some people. Not me. 

So I’m up there advising, supporting, observing and generally doing what coaches do and I watch something that also a lot of people don’t realize. The very individual experience that everyone has with a race. Some are there to win. Some to improve on their last race. Some just to have the experience that is racing with your mates.

But this is where we get it wrong.

Most people don’t really identify before and after the race why they are there. They then miss out on their individual experience they came for.

They thought they were just up for some fun with mates but they secretly wanted to win their category.


They say they wanted to improve their time or get on the podium to themselves but tell everyone that they are “just here to have some fun”.

The part we are missing here is being honest with ourselves in respect to our competitiveness. This then rubs off in our training because when you outwardly want to appear to be non competitive but have that underlying desire to win. It bites you when you least expect it to.